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                                       Be Amazed. The Truth Is Out There.

At"Classified Leaks" is a great listening jazz CD for those with acquired taste for hard-core, kill R-B Killed-Take-No-Prisoners jazz concepts. A compilation of Live and Studio recorded classified material packed with explosively forceful compelling grooves.  A second CD is already under way with CJCPro. This gem of jazz concepts contains 8 tracks, 4 of which were recorded live @Easy &the 5th. capturing the essence of creative intensity with  Logan playing piano on 4 tracks “The Year After” - “What R-U Looking At”  “Be Mine (U&Me) and "On Broadway (New Arrang.)"


The other 4 tracks “Intensity” “Just Now Barack’O” and “CodeNameTopSecret”, were recorded at John Mcleod’s studio in the beaches with: Bob McLaren (drums), Brendan Davis (bass), Dave Restivo piano, and Logan on guitar. A session lasting maybe 90 minutes, once Logan laid out the concepts.  The 5th track “Wishful Thinking” was recorded at the Harris Institute in Toronto. Spiritually aggressive pros in conversation with weapons of mass production.  Visit: for more Classified details.

Code Name Top Secret,” and “Intensity” is swinging Bee-bop, straight forward and superbly rich in distinction, enhancing  Logan’s  interrogative style of play. The listener is treated to the essence of jazz bottom line. One certainty everyone can count on: “Boredom” doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance no matter what Logan’s weapon of mass production may be.


                Few if any Toronto jazz bands produce the level of intense sharpness Logan’s platoons

                deliver. And “Classified Leaks” is one of the first CD’s  to be released by Terry Logan, 

                one he’s somewhat happy with. Originally slated for release two years ago on     

                COVERT-  JAZZCONCEPT-PRO label.


                                                                              (What is jazz anyway)


The Misrepresentation of jazz, the truth about jazz and it's false prophets, have deceived young, gullible, unsuspecting listeners after the 50's 60's generation in their search of clarity. Jazz today comes from various sources but is still a black culture of Love, Hate, Depression, Repression, Duress, Acceptance, Freedom, Happiness and moment’s of absolute joy in spit of it,  inspiring the Dominant chords.


"Anyone can have the blues, it's only expressed differently cultures. However, Jazz, Soul, on the other hand, manifest itself through a culture of people spiritually connected by roots, fit for the task and maintain the overwhelming desire to share, that’s what jazz is or was? dramatic story telling through ever evolving musical expeditions. That's what this CD is about," says Logan.


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